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Find out today how WebActiv can help your website flourish using our unique 3T Framework™.

Get Traffic. Win Trust. Stimulate Transactions.  The 3T Framework™

These are the three simple things your website needs to do to put you ahead – and keep you there. But more traffic isn’t always the right traffic. Trust takes effort. It means being open and honest and human. If you’re not careful, the only transactions you will see will be mass opt outs. Much better – I know this from working on hundreds of sites over fifteen years – is to strive for the following:

1. Get more of the right Traffic.

We plan and deliver laser-targeted SEO and SMM campaigns to get you the right traffic. We undertake standard stuff like website audits and analysing toxic backlinks.

Scale up to research industry influencers, provide email outreach and acquire backlinks.

We can also organically build your domain authority and Google keyword ranking.

2. Win Trust by being Real.

You know your customers. You know who they are, where they live, what they buy. You know their aspirations and dreams. More importantly, you know the problems they have that your brand solves.

But people buy from people they trust. And online, your website has a few seconds to start building trust and can’t adapt on the fly.

Which is why WebActiv ensure that every design element we use - typography, illustration, video and audio – engages your customers on their level and shows them how you can solve their problems.

Why we present you as someone your customers would like to get to know, and a brand they could learn to trust.

3. Stimulate two-way Transactions.

You’ve targeted the right Traffic. You’ve engaged them on a personal level to build Trust. Now you have to get them to do one of two things:

  1. Buy your products or services or
  2. Buy into what you’re doing

WebActiv focus on making the purchasing process straightforward and use stunning design tricks to bring the benefits to life. We make buying from you a pleasure as well as a no brainer.

On the other side, we make it childishly easy for customers to share your content with their followers and work colleagues as well as sign up for more interactions with your brand. In short, we help them buy into you for the journey.

Web development outsourcing for agencies.

If you’re a print, marketing or advertising agency, we can help with web design or Wordpress theme development.

This includes a range of white labelled support covering monthly SEO link building services, website auditing, keyword position reporting, XHTML/CSS responsive coding from agency supplied Photoshop layouts, coding for email newsletters, industry influencer research and outreach campaigns for content promotion.

Please note that all agency projects are treated in total confidence and are guaranteed until client sign-off. For challenging clients, ongoing support can also be provided!

Knowing your Audience

People search the web for two reasons: to solve a problem or kill time. And Google wants to help people solve their problems and not waste time entertaining themselves.

Our job is to ensure Google knows that your product or service is the best solution to a problem search, or the best entertainment searchers will want to spend their time absorbing.

We do this with internet marketing solutions that target the right audience with the right keywords. That blend great design with great words to keep the audience on the edge of their seats. And use on-page optimisation and content promotion to drive qualified leads and industry influencers right to your door.

Using Science to Structure your Message

Information design is the difference between people wanting to know more about you and what you’ve got to sell or wanting to find the nearest exit.

No matter how great your product or service is. What insanely valuable benefits you offer. How long you’ve spent crafting the images and the copy to tell a great brand story.

A story – if people bothered to read it – you know in your heart would outsell Harry Potter. If your content isn’t packaged up and presented in an appealing way, it will fail.

So let’s give your content a shot at the title. Let’s use the science behind structuring and presenting content that gets that content read – and shared. And on every device.

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