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Creative e-business solutions powered by the 3T Framework™

Taking a brand and user-centric approach to your web project, WebActiv allocates time to ensure we fully understand your company and its online business objectives; — the background story, target audience, competitors, search engine positioning and the industry or market landscape to identify the ‘core idea’, that will provide the key insight to the continued development. This methodology will guide all aspects of the digital design and marketing deliverables – to create an engaging, evolving and tailored strategy, expressed within our flexible [†]3T framework.

Attracting targeted Traffic

WebActiv can plan and deliver targeted SEO and SEM campaigns ranging from standard website audits and toxic backlink analysis through to advanced marketing techniques such as influencer research, email outreach and backlink acquisition. WebActiv can help build up your domain authority and Google keyword ranking to drive the right traffic to your site.

Building online Trust

Modern website design enables the client’s message to be delivered to their target audience with clarity and impact. Sensorial visual design achieves this goal by encompassing those components that most engage the user’s senses: visual, audio and animation.

WebActiv custom web design services explorers all visual, time-based and auditory design elements - web typography, form, content, arrangement, illustration, audio and motion - in order to successfully create a mood, communicate a message, and present you e-business with clarity and impact

Stimulating website Transactions

WebActiv can solve your e-business problems by inventing, adapting and integrating the latest Internet technologies. After 15 years experience within the web industry we have the knowledge to combine a blend of technical and creative skills to provide bespoke web development solutions to individual problems. Our conversion-focused and mobile-first approach enables us to create an intelligent, balanced integration of marketing, technical and creative disciplines.

Web development outsourcing for agencies

For print, marketing and advertising agencies we can also provide a competitively priced web design or Wordpress theme development outsourcing service which includes a wide range of white labelled web support packages covering monthly SEO link building services, client keyword position reporting, technical website auditing, XHTML/CSS responsive coding from agency supplied Photoshop layouts, creative Wordpress website development, email newsletter coding, influencer research and outreach campaigns for content promotion.

Agency web projects will be treated in the strictest confidence and fully guaranteed until client sign-off. Ongoing support is also provided for the most challenging of clients.

Understanding the demographic

As the modern media-savvy customer demands the instantaneous fulfilment of online requests for information, products and services, e-businesses cannot afford to suffer online image discrepancies or overlook vital online marketing opportunities.

WebActiv’s internet marketing solutions uses crafted keyword targeting, creative copywriting, on-page optimisation and content promotion to drive qualified and targeted leads or industry influencers to your site. By targeting carefully selected search engines and content amplifiers we can focus the attention of the users that you are interested in, and who are interested in your products and services.

Communicating the message

Content needs to be properly organised and structured, based on the purpose of communicating the message and the needs of the appropriate audience.

Information design has been described as sense-making, wayfinding, strategies for communicating information and even the development of a new visual language.

Essentially, information design addresses new approaches to the structuring and presentation of information. WebActiv creates website experiences by understanding, organising and arranging information in consistent, meaningful and valuable ways.

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