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Researching competitors and markets to reveal hidden opportunities

You’ve got a great new product or service and are all ready to push the go button, but how do you know you’re customers are going to be there? You know by doing your homework. It might sound like detective work, and it is. But every brand does it. And if your competitor has a captive audience who you know will be tempted by what you’re doing, that’s a good place to start. How are their customers finding your competitors’ sites? What keywords are they using?

That’s not to say you should just mimic what they’re doing. Our approach is more subtle than that: what are your competitors not doing and saying that could engage their customers even more? What keywords and phrases are they neglecting that could lure new customers to you?

Lastly, are there any industry influencers or brand evangelists out there who you could bring into the fold and use to add weight and firepower to your marketing initiatives?

We do everything you can think of to ensure you never miss a trick:

  • Website auditing
  • Competitive research
  • Keyword analysis
  • On-page optimisation
  • Content creation & promotion
  • Influencer list building
  • Social media marketing
  • PPC management

How do you rule your niche? Stand on the shoulders of giants

So you’ve got a great looking website. Create products that you know people will love. Offer world-class customer service. And blog – a lot – about what you do and how it rocks the world.

But the world isn’t listening – Google isn’t listening. Why?

The answer is that no one of any credibility is linking back to your site – and Google ranks that very highly indeed because even in the online world, authority matters.

So what authoritative or specialist sites do you need to link back to you? This is actually easy. Who are the experts in your field – the journalists, academics, thinkers, inventors – whose reputation you admire? What do they write about and link to and share?

Let’s create content on your site that will raise their eyebrows.

But with a twist. Let’s also ask them to get involved. To share their original ideas and content with you. That way, your content is twice as valuable and they have even more of a vested interest in sharing – and linking – back to it. Ego is as ego does.

Once you have started to produce content that is actively linked to – and Google has taken notice – the next step is to ensure that you maximise your new found celebrity.

That’s what we do in a number of ways:

  1. Identify content or topics that the Influencers has already shared or linked to.
  2. Content conceptualisation for copy and asset creation
  3. Key-phrase research for On-Page SEO
  4. Shareable asset creation and submission
  5. Set up twitter cards & social forwarding
  6. Website integration

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