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Internet marketing services

As the modern media-savvy customer demands the instantaneous fulfilment of online requests for information, products and services, e-businesses cannot afford to suffer online image discrepancies or overlook vital internet marketing opportunities.

WebActiv website marketing uses leading in-house Internet technologies to attract traffic to your site, gain a greater insight into your customer's needs, and extend your reach into new markets. We can focus the attention of the users that you are interested in and who are interested in your products and services.

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Website submission

You've got to be seen if you want to win in the digital economy. That means being seen first, before your competition, and it means being seen first day in, day out. WebActiv website submission services can guarantee your business is exposed to your customers and to your next customers first time, every time.

WebActiv targeted search engine submission services ensure full compatibility within the major search engines and paid inclusion programmes ensuring your placement.

  • Drive new business opportunities through targeted, business related search engine and directory submissions
  • Ensure your listing and avoid exclusion due to dynamic URLs, spam filters or poorly formed HTML code.
  • Master search marketing placement for guaranteed competitive advantage through XML SiteMap submission ensuring that all your pages are indexed over time at a frequency and depth with which the search engines will correctly crawl and index your pages.
  • Review of your website for possible exclusion factors which can inhibit search engines from fully indexing your website.
  • Website submission and paid inclusion covering all the major UK/Global and regional search engine databases which supply the majority of the worlds search engine results.

Website optimisation

Whether enhancing your visibility in established markets, launching new products and services to meet your customer's needs, seeking new revenue streams from new markets, WebActiv search engine optimisation services are dedicated to strategically promote your company, deepen your online credibility and convert targeted visitors into loyal customers.

By deconstructing the individual personality of each major website, and by using specially tailored business/industry optimised techniques corresponding directly with your customers' search criteria, WebActiv search engine marketing and website optimisation makes your business untouchable within the major website lists, giving your prospects new and better ways to find you.

  • Website optimisation ensuring full compatibility within the major search engines and directories
  • Web page optimisation covering web page filenames, page title, meta-tags, heading tags, alt tags, title tags and page text.
  • Site structure, directory and navigation optimisation covering navigation and internal links to determine SEO-friendly information architecture for your site.
  • Promote specific products or services through targeted landing pages
  • Gain competitive advantage through a content review to improve the customer call-to-action, keyword prominence, proximity and density.

Social media marketing

Social media marketing is an engagement with online communities to generate exposure, opportunity and sales. The number-one advantage is generating exposure for your business, followed by increasing traffic and building new business partnerships.

WebActiv social media marketing tools include advertising you directly on social networking sites, creating and promoting RSS news feeds, integrating website social network book marking and targeting niche social networking sites focused around your products and services.

Search engine ranking reporting

WebActiv search engine placement plans are designed by nature to gain rapid inclusion within the major global and UK search engines and directories, and as such we offer dedicated search maintenance, keyword ranking reporting and search engine optimisation analysis programs providing your online business with valuable information and support to help tailor your web presence, impact and effectiveness.

Keyword reporting

  • Reports covers all your search engine rankings
  • Shows if your site moved up or down in search results
  • Lets you see how well you're ranking over time
  • Helps you discover the more profitable search keywords
  • Supports 365 international and local search engines including Google, Yahoo! and MSN

Pay per click advertising

Ranking your e-business high on the search engines is crucial to success, and as some search engines operate on an auctioneering-style pay per click advertising method, where you bid for certain key words, and the greater the bid the higher your placement on the list of results, that means having the right tools and the right people in place.

Through our pay per click management services, in-house bid monitoring tools and the watchful eye of experienced professionals, we manage pay per click advertising and keyword marketing programs that can monitor bid gaps across multiple engines, offering your e-business considerable cost reductions and a consistent search engine ranking that guarantees to leave your competition behind.


  • Pay per click advertising and keyword marketing planning and set up
  • Advert design and professionally written search listings
  • Budget and ongoing Pay per click campaign management
  • Landing page optimisation
  • Click fraud detection and reporting

Link building

The majority of major crawler-based search engines such as Google, MSN and Yahoo use link popularity as part of their ranking algorithms and score your Website based on this information. Link popularity is a term that means how the search engines determine the quantity, quality and context of inbound and outbound links from other websites, preferably with your niche keyword anchor text.

Increasing your link popularity will improve how well your pages rank in crawler-based search engines, but the key is building a network of good inbound links that are relevant to your type of business, it's not the quantity of inbound links but the quality of the sites linking to you.

Link promotion services

  • Link building strategy and management
  • Link popularity analysis
  • Advice on which 3rd party websites to target
  • Ensure link context is relevant making use of your search terms

Email newsletter design

The objective of email marketing is not to advertise online: the objective is to reach your online audience. And in today’s climate only those email broadcasting agencies that are able to push the envelope and try something new have the best chance at garnering attention and making an impact.

WebActiv tailored email newsletter broadcast services, tracking and management solutions enable you to effectively broadcast, track and profile prospect behaviour, facilitating the more conscious and intelligent deployment of email newsletter messages.

  • Host and manage in-house mailing lists
  • Quickly deploy recurring email newsletters or email promotion campaigns
  • Track, record and profile user behaviour
  • Identify and filter new business leads
  • Segment mailing lists by user response

Email marketing services

  • Email newsletter broadcasting
  • Marketing strategy and planning
  • Email newsletter design and copywriting
  • Measurement and email campaign analysis


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Need a quote for a web project or discuss outsourcing? I'm available for hire.
Give me a call on 0845 6800815 or email your requirements.

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