A mobile first approach to website design

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Well Designed Websites & Simplified User Interactions

The most important design element of digital media is interactivity. By creating experiences that inform, engage and entertain, interaction design addresses the disparity between real world user experiences and online user experiences.

WebActiv understands that well designed and simplified interactions create a natural and effective interface between people and systems.

We believe that by integrating the skills of sensorial visual designers, information and interaction designers with those of usability engineers, brand strategists and technologists, we can provide modern website design solutions to meet our client’s e-business needs.

Our web design process

With a clear understanding of both your web design aspirations and brand identity guidelines we will work sketching out interface layouts for 3-5 different views, including the home page, sub page, the blog template, and any additional page templates needed.

Wireframes look like simple skeletons of your website without the visual polish of the finished design, allowing us to experiment and iterate on solutions quickly so that we have a good sense of how content should be laid out across different screen sizes.

Next we’ll design high-fidelity comps that show what the final designs will look like on desktop, tablet, and smart-phone screen sizes, providing up to two rounds of revisions on the design.

Our design considerations

  1. A progressive enhancement approach to web design
  2. Concept and website prototyping
  3. Styling (colour, typography and imagery integration)
  4. Webpage layout (design of on-screen elements: navigation, text, imagery, video and other functionality)
  5. HTML5 & CSS3 compliant web page coding
  6. Usability analysis

Our design framework

To develop a successful Web presence you need a strong design process. Following rigorous Scoping Stages, the purpose of the Web Design Framework is to create a vision of the site that has been validated by both the client and the design team. This shared vision is then carried through each Stage, resulting with a project structure - a comprehensive working methodology that manages the design vision from start to finish.

In addition to communicating the site concept to the appropriate parties, our Design Framework is used to guide decision making, manage expectations and evaluate progress throughout the course of the design project.

The key goals of our Web Design Framework are:

  1. To provide e-designers with a framework within which to apply best practices
  2. To allow for the seamless integration of web design and usability activities with site development methodologies
  3. To support a user-centered approach to web interface design
  4. To enhance the usability of the finished website

Our mobile first approach

A website that is designed only for desktops or laptops is generally not fully compatible with the mobile devices leading to an uninviting mobile web surfing experience.

Responsive Web Design (RWD) is crafted to provide an optimal viewing experience—easy reading and navigation with a minimum of resizing, panning, and scrolling across a wide range of devices (from desktop computer monitors and tablet to mobile phones).

We can provide bespoke responsive design will allow your site to use different tailored style rules based on the characteristics of the device that is being used.

The key goals of our Mobile First approach are:

  1. An adaptive website framework responding too mobile and tablet users for improved usability.
  2. A conversion focused mobile optimised layout

Creating a natural interface between people and systems

In order for a site to be successful it must find the right balance between giving the user a sense of control and guiding the user to the information, entertainment or products the site is designed to convey. WebActiv understands Website usability and undertakes task definitions, prototype evaluations, task walkthroughs and persona building to ensure that sites are intuitive, simple to use and positively support the goals of the user.

Managing your brand equity to the online environment

Real world brand equity does not translate online automatically. The competitive Web environment makes it vital for companies to differentiate themselves with brand strategies that exhibit clear messages and provide fulfilling user experiences.

WebActiv analyses business models and the business domain, evaluating technical possibilities and market expectations before transferring, creating and managing this brand equity to the online environment. This enables us to create distinctive and expandable identities, thereby ensuring the longevity of the brand.

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