A mobile first approach to website design

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Actionable Website Design - with Heart

If a picture paints a thousand words, actionable web design has a limited vocabulary: click, learn, read, buy, sign up, subscribe, join, download, and share. But human emotion drives human actions: your customers have to want to buy what you’re selling, feel the need to join your cause, love what you’re saying enough to feel compelled to share it.

That’s what we do. We target the Traffic you need, use emotional triggers to engender Trust and action-oriented design elements to stimulate Transactions.

We don’t do ‘ta-dah!’ design

We’re not magicians. We can’t conjure rabbits out of thin air. And we don’t do ‘ta-dah!’ surprises. We design responsive websites that fit every device. Websites your customers will love – and love you for. And we do this by working with you from start to finish.

We start with sketching out a handful of different interface layouts for key pages like the homepage, service/product pages, your blog. The preferred solution is then wire-framed to fit every device: desktop, tablet, smart phone. We then develop toward the finished design on all fronts together.

6 things we always do:

  1. Design progressively and step-by-step
  2. Go through the concept and use website prototyping
  3. Get the style right: colour, typography and imagery integration
  4. Nail the layout: navigation, text, imagery, video and other functionality
  5. Comply with HTML5 & CSS3 standards
  6. Keep one eye fixed firmly on usability

    A design framework for designing success

    Dreaming big. Eureka moments. Doodles on the back of napkins. These things don’t build great websites. Clear and transparent processes with mutually agreed and measurable goals build great websites.

    So whether we work with small business leaders with little or no design expertise, or with professional in-house designers, we work to a Design Framework designed to be open, inclusive and goal-oriented.

    The key goals of our Web Design Framework are:

    1. Provides business owners and designers a framework tied to best practices
    2. Allows for the integration of design and usability features
    3. Is customer-first in its approach to all user interfaces
    4. Manages expectations from start to finish

    A mobile first approach

    More people are now accessing online content on their mobile phones than on their desktops. Which means your website has to be mobile first – desktop second.

    But there is more to Responsive Web Design (RWD) than enabling users to read your content on their phones on the bus to work or on their tablet at the pool in Ibiza.

    The 2 key goals of our mobile first approach:

    1. Ensure the mobile version of your website sells your stuff as well if not better than the increasingly distanced desktop version
    2. Ensuring mobile first is also Google first and that your site in all its styles is attracting and converting passing users into paying customers

    The greatest trick your website can pull

    The trick Website usability has to pull is to make the customer think they are in control while you’re actually guiding them to exactly where you want them to go. Sounds manipulative – and it is. But it is done with the right intentions. You see, although most websites are similar – a Homepage, navigation options, familiar social sharing buttons etc – there is always a learning curve.

    Make that curve too steep, the user becomes conscious of the fact that they are not in control. Which in turn makes the user feel like they are being used. Which is bad.

    We get usability. Define tasks. Streamline user journeys and walkthroughs. And make everything so intuitive the user never gets lost or confused or even so much as stubs a toe on their way to doing exactly what you need them to do.

    Managing your brand’s moves online

    Real world brand equity does not translate online automatically. The competitive Web environment makes it vital for companies to differentiate themselves with brand strategies that exhibit clear messages and provide fulfilling user experiences.

    WebActiv analyses business models and the business domain, evaluating technical possibilities and market expectations before transferring, creating and managing this brand equity to the online environment. This enables us to create distinctive and expandable identities, thereby ensuring the longevity of the brand.

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